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Oxidation of anthocyanin by polyphenol oxidase (PPO) or peroxidase (POD) causes enzymatic browning. It leads to undesirable characteristics of fruits and ultimately decreasing of fruit quality and value. Desiccation, post-harvest decay, loss of quality and micro cracking are the other most important problems restricting the growth of the litchi industry.

Genetic Variability, Heritability and Genetic Advance for Seed Quality Parameters in some of the Land Races of Sorghum

Ninety-nine landraces of kharif sorghum were evaluated for six seed quality characters. The study revealed that the characters grain mold rating and seed hardness showed high GCV and PCV values indicating thereby large amount of variation in these characters. All the characters showed close GCV and PCV values indicating less influence of environment of these characters.

Mushroom Cultivation – Agri-based Enterprise

Due to small and marginal land holdings and fluctuated nature of rainfall , farmers are unable to get income round the year. In this direction , cultivation of Oyster mushroom as subsidiary agri-based enterprise is the best solution for getting income Mushroom cultivation is highly remunerative enterprise with quick return in a short span of time.

Role of information technology & the future of librarianship

There is a growing concern by scholars in the field of library and Information science on the way technology is gradually taking over certain jobs performed by librarians and Information professionals. This may be the reason why many of the scholars have submitted that the discipline of librarianship may cease to exist in a couple of years if nothing is done to solve the problem.

Assessment of Bio-Chemical Characteristics of Burfi Prepared with Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Liquid as Natural Sweetener

The present research work was carried out with a view to standardize the preparation of burfi at Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science Section, College of Agriculture, Nagpur during the year 2014-15 with five (5) treatments viz., T1 (70 parts khoa: 30 parts sugar), T2 (97.5 parts khoa: 2.5 parts stevia), T3 (95 parts khoa: 5 parts stevia), T4 (92.5 parts khoa: 7.5 parts stevia) and T5 (90 parts kh

Application of Edible Coatings on Fruits and Vegetables

Many techniques have been studied in order to extend the shelf life of fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), for example, low temperature and high relative humidity, controlled and modified atmosphere packaging/storage, etc. however, each has advantages and disadvantages. The maintenance of the quality of fresh produce is still a major challenge for the food industry.