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The present research work was carried out with a view to standardize the preparation of burfi at Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science Section, College of Agriculture, Nagpur during the year 2014-15 with five (5) treatments viz., T1 (70 parts khoa: 30 parts sugar), T2 (97.5 parts khoa: 2.5 parts stevia), T3 (95 parts khoa: 5 parts stevia), T4 (92.5 parts khoa: 7.5 parts stevia) and T5 (90 parts khoa: 10 parts stevia). The burfi was prepared by varying the rates of stevia liquid addition and without stevia liquid and was subjected for various bio-chemical analysis. Based on biochemical analysis, burfi prepared with or without stevia liquid showed better results. The maximum amount of fat (18.92%) and total solid (88.26%) content were found in burfi prepared without addition of stevia liquid i.e. T1 (70 parts khoa: 30 parts sugar) along with low moisture (11.71%), acidity (0.21%) and ash (2.59%). Moreover, the burfi prepared by with or without stevia liquid could enhance bio-chemical properties of burfi.