Use of Pre and Post Harvest Low Cost Techniques to Control/Minimize Citrus Juice Bitterness

The processing of citrus juice industry faced formidable problems of excessive bitter taste in terms of “bitterness” and “delayed bitterness” of juice worldwide because it reduces the quality and commercial value of the product. The two main compounds which impart the bitterness in citrus fruits are naringin and limonin.

Assessment of Bio-Chemical Characteristics of Burfi Prepared with Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Liquid as Natural Sweetener

The present research work was carried out with a view to standardize the preparation of burfi at Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science Section, College of Agriculture, Nagpur during the year 2014-15 with five (5) treatments viz., T1 (70 parts khoa: 30 parts sugar), T2 (97.5 parts khoa: 2.5 parts stevia), T3 (95 parts khoa: 5 parts stevia), T4 (92.5 parts khoa: 7.5 parts stevia) and T5 (90 parts kh

Application of Edible Coatings on Fruits and Vegetables

Many techniques have been studied in order to extend the shelf life of fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), for example, low temperature and high relative humidity, controlled and modified atmosphere packaging/storage, etc. however, each has advantages and disadvantages. The maintenance of the quality of fresh produce is still a major challenge for the food industry.