Growth and Decomposition of Onion Production in Maharashtra, India

The study was aimed to investigate the growth, instability and decomposition of onion in Maharashtra. The data of area, production and productivity of onion pertaining to 30 years (1989-90 to 2018-19) were made available through the secondary source of NHRDF which was further analysed using exponential function, Cuddy Della Valle’s Index and decomposition analysis model.

Ameliorating Farmer’s Income Through Milk Production

As per the present data available in different researches, the per capita available land in the context of existing population comes to about 0.30 hectare. The pressure exerted by over increasing occupancy on the land by increasing strength of population has been further reducing the per capita land. As a matter of fact, it is found insufficient for maintaining minimum standard of living.

Mushroom Cultivation – Agri-based Enterprise

Due to small and marginal land holdings and fluctuated nature of rainfall , farmers are unable to get income round the year. In this direction , cultivation of Oyster mushroom as subsidiary agri-based enterprise is the best solution for getting income Mushroom cultivation is highly remunerative enterprise with quick return in a short span of time.