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As per the present data available in different researches, the per capita available land in the context of existing population comes to about 0.30 hectare. The pressure exerted by over increasing occupancy on the land by increasing strength of population has been further reducing the per capita land. As a matter of fact, it is found insufficient for maintaining minimum standard of living. Milk production i e dairy is one of the profitable agri-based entrepreneurship which can effectively tackle the problem of unemployment and underemployment in the community. Actually in India, dairy production is in the hands of very small milk producers but they are ignorant. Under this condition, it is need to study the characteristics of milk producers, improvement in the economic level of in the society, cost of milk production and net profit margin. Keeping this view, the present research study is undertaken with the objectives to work out cost of milk production and profit margin to dairymen. This research study is completed in Amravati district of Maharashtra. Total 120 milk producers were interviewed. As per the results obtained, it is seen that, dairy business required only 50 percent cost and 50 percent margin as a profit. Dairy industry can stand to any family as an economical support. It is a good source of skill development and employment in whole community. Family labours can engage and they can minimize the cost. Cost–benefit ratio is shown dairy as a profitable agri-entrepreneurship.