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Microbiome Immunity Project
Openpandemics - COVID19

We as a company always believe in collective growth of everyone and uplifting the needy populations. So in order to stay committed to our resolutions, we keep donating a considerable amount to various NGOs as well as divert funds towards our own activities. So if you are one of our paying clients, be assured that a part of the proceeds received from you will surely end up in such causes.


We at Winspage Envoy run IBM World Community Grid applications at our workstations almost everyday to help scientists and researchers from all over the globe in finding answers to challenging questions. Most of the Healthcare research work regarding drug designing, development, protein modelling, etc. requires huge computing capacities. IBM developed Grid Computing facility for such enormous tasks.

When you become a World Community Grid volunteer, you donate your device’s spare computing power to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability.

Use the following link to become a World Community Grid Volunteer