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An experiment on “Effect of homobrassinolide on morpho physiological traits in upland
cotton “ was conducted at experimental field of Cotton Research Unit, Dr. PDKV Akola,
during kharif season 2013 in randomized block design with Bt cotton hybrid-Ajeet-155 BG
II with four treatments and five replications. Treatments comprised of T1- control, T2 -
spraying of Homobrassinolide 100 ml per acre at 55 days after sowing, T3 -
Homobrassinolide 150 ml /acre at 55 days after sowing and T4 -Homobrassinolide 200 ml
in two split doses, i.e. 1st spray 100 ml per acre at 55 days after sowing and 2nd spray 100
ml acre 15 days after 1st spray. Results exhibited that the treatment of two split doses 1st at
55 days and spray at 65 days recorded maximum plant height (89.90cm), number of
leaves(97.58/plant), leaf area (12.41dm2/plant), sympodial branches(18.88/plant), dry
matter (72.09g/plant). In respect to phenological observations, the same treatment of two
split doses spray minimizes days for 50% flowering by 4 days, days to 50% boll bursting by
3 days and days to maturity by 3 days were recorded. All these physiological traits helpful
to increase yield and yield attributes by the same treatment which gave seed cotton yield
50.80g/plant, seed cotton yield 1390.60 kg/ha, single boll weight (4.29 g), ginning out turn
(38.11%) and harvest index (40.89%).