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Plate Half Full

We as a company always believe in collective growth of everyone and uplifting the needy populations. So in order to stay committed to our resolutions, we keep donating a considerable amount to various NGOs as well as divert funds towards our own activities. So if you are one of our paying clients, be assured that a part of the proceeds received from you will surely end up in such causes.


Smile Foundation, an NGO for poor child education, is an NGO in India directly benefiting over 15,00,000 children and their families every year, through more than 400 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in over 2000 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India.

Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life: the means because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one's awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behaviour to understanding one's rights – and in the process help him/her evolve as a better citizen.

Campaigns by Smile Foundation:


  • DONATE A HUNGER SURVIVAL KIT -(COVID19 and National Lockdowns have snatched away livelihoods of a huge population. This is an attempt to let people have a good meal amidst unemployment & poverty.)
  • Every Child in School - (A shocking 17.7 million children in India are out of school. Working in hazardous conditions, living on the street, braving hunger, poverty and violence, childhood for them has become an endless struggle to survive.

    But despite their circumstances, they have not stopped dreaming. Their dreams are as colourful as any other child’s and they have just as much potential to fulfil them. What they lack is a fair chance – an opportunity to go school, to hone their talents, to even have a happy and carefree childhood that every child deserves.

    The Mission Education programme of Smile Foundation which is an NGO in India identifies such out-of-school children from remote villages, tribal areas and urban slums, and provides them quality education. In addition to this, it also looks after their health, nutrition, and holistic development through participation in co-curricular activities.)

  • Plate Half Full- (A full plate of food filled with the goodness of nutrients is nourishing, gives one strength; both bodily and mental, keeps one active and free from diseases. One of the most important aspect for any kind of development is taking care of children, enabling them to grow up healthy. But the prevailing situation in India speaks otherwise, we have constantly failed to provide the most basic care to our children, providing healthy meals to them which results in stunted growth, malnourishment etc.

    If we look closely we can find two kinds of hunger among children; one that arises out of poverty. In a situation such as this children don’ get to eat at all; often they can found lurking behind garbage bins hunting for food or begging in the streets to feed themselves. In this case children do not or cannot afford an education. They are either engaged in some sort of labor or simply loiter in the hunt for food. The other kind of hunger arises not out of the lack of food but out of the lack of proper nourishment, which can also be called hidden hunger. Hundreds of school going children suffer from hidden hunger. Parents provide whatever meal they can with the meager amounts they earn but it doesn’t fulfill the need of proper nourishment.

    That backdrop set our preliminaries for Plate Half Full. This initiative is to enhance education with adequate nutrition. While it is necessary to have underprivileged children attend school, it is also just as important to have them eat regular meals in a day.)

  • Health Cannot Wait - (As the world faces one of the worst health crises in global history in the form of COVID-19, once again the paramount importance of health has become front and centre. And yet again, the socio-economically marginalized are the worst sufferers. Unhygienic living conditions, poor sanitation and lack of awareness have only increased their vulnerability. They cannot afford private health facilities and now, the overburdened public health facilities too have become inaccessible to them.

    Look around us – one pandemic has changed our world. It has become glaringly obvious – Health Cannot Wait! We are living in uncertainty every day. But for the poor, this has been their entire life. Poverty is a daunting enough burden in itself; add sickness to it and it has the power of crushing even the strongest, as we are witnessing today. Let us not let them get crushed. Join hands to ensure health for all.)

  • She can Fly - (Smile Foundation’s initiative ‘She Can Fly’ is an effort to enable, equip and empower girl children with quality education, proper nutrition, good health, adequate skills, and above all a lot of self-confidence to help them live their lives to their fullest potential.

    This is also a step towards sensitizing the civil society at large and helping create a girl child/women friendly society to help her thrive.

    Let us all come forward and join hands to give wings to her dreams. Empower, educate, and make her strong to stand her own ground and shine in her efforts. She Can Fly, let’s give her the sky!)