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 Anthracnose of clusterbean caused by Colletotrichum capsici is widespread problem limiting the profitable cultivation depending on the weather condition. A Total fifteen entries including the checks were evaluated under field condition during kharif 2017 for their reaction against anthtracnose of clusterbean. Out of these, none of genotype was found immune, five as resistance (HG 563, RGC 1066, RGC 1033, HG 2-20, GAUG-1502), Five as moderately resistant (X-10, RGr 16-2, GAUG 1304, CAZG-15-5, RGr-17-4), three genotypes as susceptible (CAZG-15-7, GAUG-1501, RGr-17-2 and two genotypes as highly susceptible (RGr 16-7, M-83) reaction against C. capsici.