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In the present situation, farmers are producing tremendous agriculhural production by
using advance technology. After the successful experiment of first green revolution in India in 1965-66, use of
high yielding varieties , use of chemicals , irigation and technology have shown hug level of production in
agriculture. But only production is increased where as famer's actual income is not increased. This is the burning
issue why farmer's prosperity in not going on ? After its analysis, it is found that, some important aspects are
definitely behind it. Out of which, marketing is the important issue regarding increment in farmer's income. Our
existing marketing system is not having enough physical and technical eff+ciency, existing co-operative and
regulated market (APMC) are not so efficient in obtaining sure , better and remunerative prices to farmers and
unable to provide better infra structure facilities to farmers at the time of selling agricultural produce into the
market. Although our farmers community is almost living in rural area , hence they have been faced more problems in the marketing of agricultural produce. Meanwhile government has changes in marketing acts and
has done amendments in marketing act such Rytu bazar, model act, private bazar, farmer's market etc. but
farmers have not got success yet. Hence for better network and interaction of farmers with traders and
wholesalers, Government has introduced new channel of marketing that is e NAM.