As of now, institutes and research organisations largely depend on web-development agencies or full-time employed developers for creating their own repository, also, they need to maintain their own small scale data centres or hosting accounts for the same, which most of the time fail to aquire the common international standards. WGRID greatly helps institutes in creation of open access knowledge data repositories without any infrastructural as well as human resource requirements in a modern & automated way.

W-GRID is a service with annual pricing in which, educational & research institutes can host their research or scientific & educational repository data in the form of images (usually scanned material) and PDF files. This includes this website, both for repository makers and readers. For uploading files, an institute needs to buy a package as per their data size through this portal (at the lowest price in the industry). The uploaded material may be scanned books, notes, research papers, research data, conference notes/proceedings, etc). Those who want to read can sign up for a free reader's account.



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